Death's Concubine

Freya Starre


Height: 22 hh; 7 ft 3 in; 2.2 m

Weight: ~190 lbs; 86 kg

Age: ~700 yrs

Build: Boney

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Skin Tone: Skin?

Theme Song


Freya Starre - Death's Concubine

This creature before you stands around 22 hands tall. Other then her slow deliberate movements there are little similarities to any living creature. Her hair is long, shoulder length, and dead white in tone. A nearly fleshless equine skull peers out from the snowfall of hair. Two glowing red eyes flickering within the sunken hollows; teeh, drawn back tightly in thin lips giving a growling appearance. Scars both natural and unnatural line the parchment thin surface of her skin, all but blotting out the faint star on the top of her muzzle.

Shoulders, slim and skeletal are hunched, almost like one would expect bat wings to grow off them. Each arm, pale and slender, dry tendons and muscle tight under the thin translucent skin. Each of her skeletal hands curls talon like, the fingers adorned with dark golden rings. Bracelets wrap about each wrist, carved with sigils of power. It becomes more obvious that it is indeed a feminine figure, but, her chest is sunken and all but gone, abdomen caved in, tight against shriveled organs. Garbing her is a floor length black robe, the edges done in faded gilt.

Under that a glint of rusting steel displays a chainmail shirt. What can be seen of her legs is limited due both to a pair of tattered black cloth pants she wears and the length of the robes.

Strapped about her chest and waist are several thick leather belts, each bearing vials, bags, and hard pouches containing herbs and dark spell components. A belt of ears wrapped about her middle over this. Daggers and sword also hang at her waist, wrapped in lizardskin sheathes. A tail, the same dead white tone as her hair, comes out of the back of the robe; barely twitching and moving.

To channel her power, something large and long is clasped in a hand. A rather thick, blunt-ended rod of some kind. It's thick enough to be used as a club or a tool of some kind if one must and appears to be made from the petrified fleshy appendage of some unfortunate creature. Runes and other sigils tattooed and layered onto the surface with precious metals. Lashed to the bottom of this club is a straightened spinal column, the entire artifact about 6 feet in length. She sees you looking at her.