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MyFurre's primary use is site hosting. While it was created with the intent of hosting character websites for games such as Furcadia, Tapestries MUCK, and other such games, there is no restrictions on what can be uploaded. Personal blogs, pet sites, etc. are also more than welcome. However, all sites will be listed as "", regardless of whether they include furre type content or not.

Most sites that we receive for uploading are pre-made... created by the user who is submitting them. However, occasionally we have requests to create a website for someone who does not know how to use HTML. This is fine, we don't mind at all! All we ask is that you send us an email, specifying what page links you want, and what needs to be on each of those pages. If you have a color scheme you'd prefer, or perhaps you've already found a template you want to use, but need us to put it together, include that in the email you send and we'll put it all together for you. These will take a bit more time, but should be up shortly after we receive the email.

Our computers are left running 24/7 with mail programs working to retrieve mail directly from the server. E-mail will be recieved within five minutes of it being sent to us, and if we are at the computer, it will be uploaded immediately.

Tech/Web Support

We're computer lovers, and we love to help others. If you're having an issue with either your computer or your webpage, we'd love to help. Our advice is free.. but keep in mind it's only advice, since we can't actually see your machine. Send us an email and we'd love to help you out.


MyFurre also offers site design, domain registration, and hosting, should you wish to have your very own website... please note that this service does cost, but we have super low fee's and great friendly service. If you would like a price quote, please email us (see link on your left) with what you are wanting, and we'll let you know how much it will cost. This service is completely seperate and will not be linked to MyFurre... the site becomes yours, 100%.


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